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S.L.V. Industries Prees Break Tools manufactured in various sizes with custom designs also. For minimum inside bends to high tensile strength tooling for heavy thickness bending punch is designed. Variants of raw material and hardening procedure ensures maximum strength of tooling and maximum wear resistance. We offer tooling up to hardness of 55+2 hrc. For maximum life. Press Break Tools

Canical Radius Tools

Bigger V Open Dies

Deep Gooseneck Roller Holder

Radius Forming Dies

Radius Inserts

Punch Holder

Turret Punching Tools

Multi V Dies up to 20mm Sheet Bending

Curlling Tools

Deep Gooseneck Punches

Special Bending Tools

Redius Inserts

Press Tools

Special Punch

V Blocks 200V

Full Redius Bending Tools